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So, it's Summer. Beach trips, sunsets, long days -- minigolf and ice cream. Maybe it’s time to listen to someone who knows a thing or two about the ideal summer spot: a guy from Sandwich MA (i.e. Cape Cod). True to his roots, Brian Sances is a one man band -- multi-instrumentalist and producer in one -- who produces well-rounded and mature songs about the Cape, summer, love, and happiness. It sounds trite to say that any musician covers a lot of genres, but Sances really does, with some songs coming off bluesy, others folky, others reggae-tinged, others alt-rock ballads, and at least one G. Love-style beach-fire hip-hoppish track in the mix. He's a damned good guitarist, versatile too, and his songwriting evinces a consistent outlook that is at once ecstatic about the world around and wistfully introspective. If mellow, easy tunes are what make you tick, don't take a trip south on rt. 28 without Here Today. --Alexander Pinto

Live Review in the Sandwich Enterprise!

From The Sandwich Enterprise 1/14/2011

The Art Barn Songwriter Series: Brian Sances And Hugh McGowan


Hugh McGowan and Brian Sances turned a cold January Monday evening into a warm and rich experience of original music as part of the Art Barn Songwriter Series at the Cotuit Center for the Arts. The series brings two professionally touring songwriters to the Cotuit Center on the second and fourth Monday of every month, giving both local and regional artists a showcase in an intimate performance space.

Mr. McGowan hails these days from Somerville. He is a fixture in the Boston music scene, fronting bands to drumming and bartending. He plays standing, bouncing back and forth, belting out his own cadence through a bright crisp rhythm guitar. He plays complicated chord patterns while powering out his vocals, often at full throttle. Mr. McGowan sings about love.

He began with “This Place is Hers.” He sang it like a man whose words tumble over each other, excited and in love. There is little subtlety in his songs. Each song paints a clear picture of the object of his passion and how he experiences that passion. “Cheshire” had an appropriate Monkees’ or English invasion-style rhythm and sound. His love appears before him smiling like the Cheshire cat. He performed with a unique unity of his body, voice, lyrics, and guitar, filling the room with the images of his lyrics.

Each song had its own unique character, his voice a representation of his heart. His rock, folk, Irish, pop, and progressive music influences were apparent all evening. His energy came through in every song, as he drew the audience in.

Mr. McGowan played some songs from his CD, “Crow’s Nest.” As someone whose romance is more gray than lighted by wonder, it was soothing to reminisce as he shared his vivid sense of the nape of a woman’s neck, being “lost in her curls,” or the melancholy of returning to the airport bar to have the bartender ask him, “Only one drink, someone left you?”

In “Sense of It All,” he is on a dance floor and his heart is like a “puppet loosening his strings, cutting up paper and fashioning wings, throwing the rocks in his pocket aside, for fear they will weigh him down.”

Brian Sances has lived in Sandwich since the 3rd grade. He has fronted several local bands including From the Ground Up, Shotgun Bandits, and Tripl3Crown. His lyrics reflect a profound sense of connection and understanding well beyond his 28 years. He sings about his life on the Cape and, with his familiar accent and vocal tone, he makes almost every song a reflection on the lives of those of us who live here.

He started off with “Blues and Greens,” a story most Cape Codders can relate to—having the blues about not having enough green. The song reflects a sense of personal inadequacy, of not quite making it, but appreciating the joy of life nonetheless.

“When Spring or Summer’s Here Again” eloquently captured the seasons on this peninsula, from cabin fever winters to magnificent Julys on the beach. His music strikes a chord in a personal and local sense. “Home Sweet Home” further expresses his love of this place.

Mr. Sances played his Martin guitar with an elegant flourish and introspection, revealing a heart of melody and harmony. He modernized and personalized the guitar with the bank of electronic pedals at his feet. The pedals were affixed to what appeared to be the drawer from the dresser in some old Cape boarding house, textured with character like his sound.

He would lay down a loop of rhythm guitar with one pedal and then cover that rhythm with smooth and graceful leads refashioned by another pedal with 21st-century electronic embellishments. His guitar had a warm, rich mahogany sound similar to the color of his instrument. He succeeded in mixing modern technology to elicit his own sound out of a wooden coffeehouse standard.

“Moments of Clarity” and “Driving Home” reflected his ability to take in, appreciate, and express the simple and reaffirming beauty of nature and those certain still moments in life. Listening to his CD “Here Today” the next morning in the car, about to turn onto Route 28, I noticed the sun coming up across the street. Because of his music I took a second look to be grateful for that moment.

What a great evening of entertainment for only $5! The next performance, on Monday, January 24, is Matt Borello’s CD release party. Doors open at 7 PM and performances start at 7:30. The Cotuit Center for the Arts is at 4404 Route 28 in Cotuit. For more information, visit

Mr. Murphy is an attorney and resident of Falmouth.

Second review of 'Here Today'

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Sances’ successful balancing act

Best-known as the front man for the Shotgun Bandits and Tripl3 Crown, Brian Sances of Sandwich recently released his first solo CD, “Here Today.” The cover shows him sitting on a rock at the end of a jetty, playing his guitar. Listening to the disc, it’s easy to picture him sitting out there on a warm day, surrounded by water, as he works out some new songs.

His tunes have an appealing variety – sometimes folky, sometimes a reggae or ska vibe, sometimes a hip-hop beat. He keeps to a mellow groove – not a sleepy kind of mellow, but that relaxed kind of mellow that sweeps over you … when you’re sitting on a rock surrounded by the ocean.

While the sound is laid back, Sances is relentlessly upbeat in his lyrics. The ballad “Still In Love” is as romantic a song as you could ever hope to hear. On other songs he sings the praises of the ocean, his hometown and the power of living in the moment. That could tumble into schmaltz, but Sances puts enough oomph into the music that it comes across as inspring.

Sances recorded, mixed and produced all the songs, and wrote them all except for one on which he got some co-writing help from some friends. The production is impressive; a friend listening from the next room stuck his head in and asked if I was listening to a Los Lonely Boys disc.

Highlight tracks: “Still in Love,” “In the Blink of an Eye” and “Judgement Day Remix” (featuring Ceej)

In addition to performing on his own, you might catch Sances playing with Ceej or the Adam Hoffman Revival.

For more information, visit

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Here Today

14-song CD

This recording evokes a laid back, beach music vibe: I picture sitting outside on a patio at a resort listening to Brian perform his easygoing music under a tent by the ocean. Now I’m not just saying this because he’s from Cape Cod but it does help this image, with his acoustic-y jazzy pop and reggae-flavored music. Brian’s debut solo is solo in nearly every way as he wrote, produced, and played every instrument but drums but it has the feel of an entire band and would work well stripped down acoustically. There are a few moments where I felt myself drifting but for the most part I found Here Today to be a pleasant, enjoyable CD. Best tracks: “Still In Love” (featuring some lovely guitar work), “Middle of The Road” (this and a few others have a Paul McCartney vibe to them), and “Can You See” (nice melody). Nice job for a solo debut. (Debbie Catalano)

Sandwich Enterprise: Young Sandwich Musicians Collaborate for a Cause


When Brian V. Sances of Sandwich heard the call for local musicians to lend their talents to the annual NOAH Pledge-A-Bed Telethon, supporting the NOAH Shelter in Hyannis, he knew he had two calls to make.

Mr. Sances, who provides lead guitar and vocals for the band TRIPL3CROWN, first called good friend and longtime collaborator Charles F. McElroy Jr. of Forestdale, commonly known to local hip-hop fans as Ceej.